Raft and feedsystem for Fish Farm

DMH has been constructing automated silo feed systems for the fish farm sector for a number of years. The company recently branched out further in this sector and built a double hulled raft, commissioned by AKVA Group. Specified to a high standard, the raft had to be fabricated to survive the vagaries of the West Coast of Scotland weather at sea, where it is now located.

The raft supports two feeding silo systems where the fish feed is stored and automatically distributed from. It also has a cabin for a computerised automated feeding system, all of which were constructed by DMH.

This project also saw a temporary new member of staff to DMH, Tom Welding, a mechanical engineering student studying at Edinburgh Napier University. During his summer placement he produced a 3D model of the raft which was used by the men in the workshop for fabrication.

On a trip to the West Coast to see the 'finished product' afloat, Tom's mum, Wendy, was very impressed with the project he had been involved with – "I was very surprised at how large it is and how complex. Tom pointed out all the joints and described how carefully the welders had worked and the standard of welding required to make sure the raft would float!."

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