What we do - Fabrication
Findhorn Foundation Goes Carbon Neutral
  • Building Scotland's renewable energy expertise
  • £120,000 wind farm project to help develop Findhorn as a sustainable community
  • Helping reduce carbon emissions

DMH's expertise in renewable energy has helped the Findhorn Foundation switch on to completely green energy. The Findhorn Foundation is an eco village and centre of education for creating a sustainable future based near Kinloss in Morayshire. As part of new wind farm project DMH were contracted to erect three new wind turbines to build on the output for the community's existing small unit. This increased out x12 helping the community of 250 to become a net supplier to the national grid.

Imported second hand from Denmark the 30 metre tall structures had to be extensively adapted by DMH engineers. The project combined the full range of DMH's expertise from fabrication, heavy welding to civil engineering and construction elements. Work included removal of the existing bases, fabrication of new ones, ground preparation and final testing.

Director of the Findhorn Wind Park, Alec Walker, said the turbines would generate 750 kw of power more than enough to turn the Foundation carbon neutral.

In simple terms, when the wind doesn't blow we will take electricity from the national grid, but when the wind blows strongly we will sell the excess back to the grid.

Alec Walkker, Director of the Findhorn Wind Park.

Bonnington Bond: innovative in action
  • £250,000 residential project
  • 150 tonnes of steel fitted
  • Innovative solutions
DMH specialises in all types of steel fabrication and put the finishing touches to the upmarket Bonnington Bond development in Edinburghs exclusive Water of Leith quarter. All in all the company fabricated and designed to specification more than 100 tonnes of stainless and mild steel work on the 150 flat Persimmon development. In close consultation with the project engineers Goodsons, DMH expertly delivered a variety of balconies and balustrades, as well as constructing five internal lift shafts and one external. The former sugar bond posed some interesting engineering challenges.

One of the big selling features of this development was an external lift stretching the full seven storeys. The difficulty was this is a five storey historic building with a two storey modern extension giving us a real challenge to design a lift was fully functional over all floors while preserving the integrity of the building

said DMH, project engineer Andrew Mennie.


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